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Creating a Daily Practice

Posted on 06 June 2014

We all have those things that we know we should do everyday – brush our teeth, eat more veggies, exercise – you get the point.

One thing I’ve added to my list over the past 10 years is my yoga practice, and if you thought that not brushing your teeth was a good way to keep unwanted people away, then just try hanging out with me when I haven’t been able to get my yoga on for a couple days. It’s not a pretty sight!

My practice has certainly ebbed and flowed over the last few years of traveling and starting a new company. For the days when I just can’t seem to motivate, I’ve come up with 5 reasons to get off my butt and on my mat. Read them HERE , and remember that just showing up, toothbrush, carrot stick or yoga mat in hand is the most important part.

The full article, 5 Reasons to Get on Your Yoga Mat Everyday (No Matter Where You Are), can be found on Elephant Journal:


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