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Words of love whispered, typed and sung from the rooftops, all from some of our favorite admirers.



My embroidered Soulié yoga mat bag is unbelievable beautiful. My mat easily fits in ...I've never seen a more exquisite one! - Tara Lee, international acclaimed prenatal yoga teacher.

Rachel Frey Inyo Yoga Pants testimonial



"...the mat bag is unbelievable! Design, craftsmanship, stone left unturned... Thanks again--thrilled to own it. Xo"

- Ali Caulfield
Ali's favorite is her Free Spirited Yoga Bag

"Disruptively beautiful yoga products."
- Jessica Thompson, Co-founder of YOGO
Jessica's favorite is her Shine Forth Tote

"I recently purchased the Marrakesh yoga bag with two zippers and I LOVE it! The bag is not only so beautiful, but roomy and comfortable to carry to and from class. The detailing and colors are stunning and I am so happy to support the artisans and the work you are doing."
- McKenzie Casad
McKenzie's favorites are her Marrakesh Yoga Bag and Shine Forth Tote

"Received my bag.  Wow!!! I expect to hear that many more times besides from myself.  Thank you."
- Wallace Cunningham
Wallace's favorite is his Divine Intuition Yoga Bag

"I just received the bag today and I love it!  It is beautiful and a work of art. Thanks so much."
- Sherrie Cunningham
Sherrie's favorite is her Divine Intuition Yoga Bag

"I was brought to tears as I opened the box containing one of your beautiful bags… My soul has been touched reading your story… I feel so grateful to be a part of the infinite web connecting cultures through beauty and art, and I thank you for making that possible.“
- Lucia W.
Lucia's favorite is her Hand Woven Mat Bag 

"Just want you to know: LOVE My Bag!
Already gotten numerous compliments on it... I am struck by how beautifully made this bag is."
- Nancy Ignatin
Nancy's favorite is her Divine Intuition Yoga Bag

"It is perfect… exceeds my expectations. I love it!!"
- Lynn Strauss
Lynn's favorite is her Gather Purse

"Lightweight, easy to grip with hands (they don't fatigue). Very well made... Much better than any other strap I've tried."
- Katie
Katie's favorite is her 8' Yoga Strap

"What a fantastic yoga bag!!! It is so well-made, and the colours are so vibrant. It's more than spacious enough for my large yoga mat, and fits my clothes and little extras in with no problem at all. So impressed with this bag."
- Rebecca
Rebecca's favorite is her Dream Yoga Bag

"Love this is perfect, fun and functional."
- CeCe Metzger
CeCe's favorite is her Ribbon Mat Sling

"Really beautifully made... I LOVE the bag. My yoga mat and rug fit perfectly inside with room to spare. Great secret compartments to store what does not need to be pulled out for my yoga practice. I love the color too. I highly recommend this bag!"
- Rebecca Clark
Rebecca's favorite is her Enlightened Yoga Bag

"These straps are beautiful and sturdy... definitely a hit at yoga teacher training!"
- Keri Eslinger
Keri's favorite is her 6' Yoga Strap

"Beautifully made, perfect for my practice."
- Darla Magee
Darla's favorite is her 8' Yoga Strap

"It is so beautiful and love the no velcro noise. Works well just slipping it in and out easily, very useful and helpful keeping hands free. …Splurge you'll love it."
- Debbie Schroeder
Debbie's favorite is her Ribbon Mat Sling

"Lovely strap and storage bag. Soft and gentle on the feet and hands, while also sturdy."
- Fran 
Fran's favorite is her 6' Yoga Strap

"I love this clutch! It's beautiful, very well made, and so unique..."
- Vicky Gina
Vicky's favorite is her Shine Forth Clutch

"I received your beautiful bag from the puja raffle in Elena's class this weekend. I absolutely love it, thank you!! It makes it even more fun to carry my favorite item around, my mat.  Thank you dearly and NAMASTE."
- Charlotte Harding
Charlotte's favorite is her Grace Yoga Bag

I have received this order and am so happy! Really pleased and impressed with the detail and workmanship! Thank you so much!
- Christine Manown
Christine's favorites are her 6' Yoga Strap and Enlightened Yoga Bag 

I received my beautiful strap with hand written note (that I’m using as a book mark in the only book I’m bringing on trip). It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful. For someone whose yoga mat is so important, wrapping it in something beautiful is very enjoyable :) Thank you.
- Dianne La Roche



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