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Giving Back - The Artisan Scholarship Program

Preserving craft and culture in a way that empowers and creates sustainable livelihoods takes more than just a few purchases, it takes a community that is dedicated to reexamining how we make our purchasing decisions. It takes a commitment to developing those art forms and communities that have existed for centuries, so that they may evolve and remain current for centuries to come. Soulié is committed to this ideal and each purchase you make helps us to do a little more.  

In 2013, we launched our Artisan Scholarship Program, which offers scholarships for study with two organizations that are changing lives by training new artisans: Mayamiko Trust (which whom we have partnered to make our Hand Batiked Terra Scarves) and Somaiya Kalavidya (run by the inspiring Judy Frater - a force to be reckoned with when it comes to preservation of craft in the Kutch region of India).

Artisans have the unique gift to spend their lives filling everything they make with love and intention. Their crafts tell the history of their ancestors and the story of their lives now. By giving these artisans the skills to develop their craft or strengthen their business, we can help clear the path ahead, ensuring that their craft will remain a source of livelihood for them, their children and grandchildren. 








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