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How Ideas Are Born - Why Kathryn Budig is to blame for our most popular piece (and we love her for it!) + WIN A FREE MAT SLING

Posted on 18 September 2014

It was the first week our company was in business. I was at the Yoga Journal Conference in NYC and lucky enough to meet the amazing Kathryn Budig after a class. I had my prototype for our Free Spirited Yoga Bag strapped across my body.

At one point as we chatted, Kathryn reached out and touched the strap, with love as she always seems to do, and said, "This is just beautiful!" "Thanks," I said. "It's our first piece made - stuffed full of a lotta love and intention."

We continued to chat about teaching, how the universe seemed to drop me into her class, the merits of carrying a mat in a bag vs. with a sling -- and viola! The seed was planted.

High on the joy of meeting such a beautiful soul, I came home from the trip and immediately started playing. After hours of toying around with designs and prototypes, the outline for our Hand Appliquéd Ribbon Yoga Mat Sling was born. One month later our artisan partners worked their magic and sent me a to-die-for prototype. 

Our Bright Pink Mat Sling matches the strap on that original bag I was carrying. We made that sling color first in honor of Kathryn.  It may be called "Bright Pink" on the site, but here in the office, we call it "Kathryn's Mat Sling". After a year, it continues to be one of our staples and our favorites.

Mine gets used all the time and continues to bring joy into my day. We hope that yours will too.

- Renee 



Do you have a story of unexpected inspiration? A chance meeting? A particular pose that drew an idea into your head? A favorite place that always seems to inspire your heart? Let us know and you'll be entered to win a Bright Pink Mat Sling all your own! Here's how:

- Tag your story on Instagram with @thebeautyofhandmade. Make sure to follow us for updates!
- Share on Facebook, tag @Soulie and send us a message @Soulie with the link (FYI - tagging alone will not work!). Make sure to like us for updates!

Make the story yours - any length or format is acceptable. We love pics!

Deadline is SEPT 30, 2014!

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