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Do Something Sweet for Yourself: 4 of My Favorite Ways to Reconnect

Posted on 23 July 2015


It has been a crazy week here. 
I was beginning to think it was just me until I received an email from a friend this morning: "It's a dark moon right now... how have you been feeling? Low energy and emotional?"

Thank goodness!! I was beginning to wonder if I was going crazy.  

With her email came the realization that it is OK to go easy on myself every once in a while, to take some time to nurture, nourish and restore. This is what my body was crying for all week and yet I kept fighting it, thinking I was just being lazy or unmotivated. In reality, I was responding to the subtleties around me and no amount of pro-active effort could have pushed me away from it. It has been a powerful lesson to trust my emotions, so that I so that I am more prepared for what's to come.    
If this week has been a tough one for you as well - I invite you to do something sweet for yourself, reconnect and rejuvenate, take an afternoon off. Not sure where to start? Here are 4 of my favorite ways to reconnect:


Walking is an amazingly powerful practice. It gets us out of our heads into our bodies, out of our house and into our community. The rhythms and patterns of walking can be powerfully meditative and the discoveries along the way (some of my favorite restaurant finds have come from long evening walks) can be enriching to our lives and happiness. 



One of the most extravagant gifts I give myself is a long morning or afternoon break with a good book and a chocolate croissant (I am usually gluten free, so this is a big splurge!). It’s a beautiful way to find some quiet and introspection in a world that is so often required to entertain us. 



Sunsets have always been a powerful experience for me. There is something in sitting still and watching the world around me transition that reminds me of my own smallness and insignificance – not in a negative, disempowering way – but in a “I can’t believe I am part of something so much bigger than myself” kind of way. 


So often we feel like if we aren’t moving forward, we are wasting our time or energy. But is that really true? Some of my most powerful moments and realizations have come in a space of stillness. On those days when you need some reconnection, some introspection, why not linger in savasana or viparita karani (legs up the wall)? Why not take a moment to sit and watch the world go by? When we pause, we invite. When we invite, beautiful things can come our way. 


Wishing you a beautiful and lazy weekend.


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  • Wallace Cunningham: August 01, 2015

    Lingering after practice and after doing something useful at home, I find just starting off into a gentle stretch and following my breath leads to my mind following wherever the stretch may lead and my mind seems to linger over the pose or action and the next thing I know, I come out of where I have been all tension has dissolved and I am regressed. Thank you

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