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Introducing Our New, Artisan Crafted Home Collection!

Posted on 21 September 2015

We know you want your yoga practice to be more beautiful. Shouldn't your home, your most sacred space, be filled with the same beauty, love and intention? We believe it should, so this fall we are launching our new Home Collection.
There are elements that have always felt powerful to me, things I have always wanted in my home - hand woven textiles made from natural fibers, stones and crystals, feathers that have sweet meanings.
 So when I found myself standing in a small shop in Zanzibar, running my fingers over the most beautiful, 100% cotton handwoven blankets, it was a no brainer.
We needed to start a home line! 

We've started with a few simple pieces, things that I loved the moment I found them for both their beauty and their story. Every piece is made by an artisan's hands, unique in its own way, and full of love and intention. In that way, each piece is sacred, carrying with it the energy and love of the artisan who made it. 

Here is why I chose the pieces I did:

Hand woven, hand dyed & hand batiked textiles - Kikoi Blankets and Pillow Covers:
When you are holding something that is handwoven, you can feel the energy in it. The cottons and linens feel just a little softer from being worked by hand. There are the smallest irregularities and nuances - one tassel might be longer than the other, one yarn darker or lighter. These markings bare the signature of the weaver. When you curl up with a hand batiked pillow or a hand woven blanket, you can feel their intention in the piece, their desire to make something beautiful, soft that will make your home more comfortable and marked as your own safe space.

Hand blown glass and naturally molted feathers - Feather Orbs by Kevin Smolark:
I met Kevin in VA and immediately knew I loved his glass working. He combines the precious elements of fire, earth and breath to create magnificent glass orbs which are coupled with naturally molted feathers. Each feather has its own significance and Kevin's intention to create a piece of genuine beauty is obvious in the curve of the glass.  When placed together the effect is a powerful one - you know you're holding something sacred.

Handmade brass and agate jewlery for your home -  Suncatchers by Alana Douvros:
Alana and I crossed paths in NY. I was running through a busy market when her sun catchers literally stopped me in my tracks - and we were inside with florescent lighting!! Each stone carried its own story, unfolding in glittering bits of color and light. The brass work was so beautifully done by her own hands, and you could see from her face how each piece was important to her. Every piece was unique and so carefully sculpted to match the personality of the stone. There seemed to be no greater way to honor the uniqueness of each on of us than to offer these one-of-a-kind, limited edition pieces of jewelry for your home.

Hand carved stone - Fetishes by Wilson Romero:
I have long loved Native American fetishes, their energy and the unwavering belief of the people that make them that each rock or shell carries the spirit of a particular animal. 
Traditionally fetishes are carved by the Zuni tribe, but when I first touched the pieces made by Cochiti carver Wilson Romero, I knew I held something exceptional in my hands. Wilson spends hours in the New Mexico desert looking for the perfect stones, stones he believes already hold the animal's spirit. He then brings these home and hand carves each statue at his grinding wheel under the cedar tree in his front yard. It is a craft that he has been perfecting for decades, and that he has now taught his son and son-in-law to carry on.

Want to know more? Find the full Home Collection now at

Plus, don't forget that we've launched our new Free Returns policy! Try what speaks to you, and if you don't love it, send it back. Easy.

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