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SOLID SEXY STRONG | Why Self Love is the Key to Everything You Desire

Posted on 26 July 2016

Solid Sexy Strong - Why Self Love is the Key to Manifesting Everything You Desire

Do you remember your last experience of soul shaking fear?

Not because you were chased down a dark alleyway but because you were about to do something big, brave and authentic. It might have come as you stood up to share your opinion with a group, right before telling a profound truth or before putting something you created out into the world to be judged.

Now, think back to what helped push you over that hump. I bet it was a deep breath, a comment from a friend or a small prayer that reminded you of your own worth and abilities, something that brought you closer to your self-love, because in that moment between fear and doing is where your self-love resides

All of us have had profound moments of fear and self-doubt. So what’s the difference between the people that are changing the world and reaching their dreams and those that aren’t quite there yet? It comes from an ability to easily move through that space between fear and doing, to tap into their self-love in a way that creates an unfaltering faith in their abilities to manifest what they desire.

That being said, the path towards self-love is a tricky one. Research any successful person humble enough to share her true experiences, and you’ll hear a story about her fear. The path to self-love comes with unpredictable turns and crossroads, moments when you think you’re almost there only to realize that there is another hill to climb. It is a lifelong marathon, but one that is worth the work.

Once you’ve stepped into the space of self-love, you realize that anything is possible. You begin to see that you are even more powerful than you ever could have imagined. All you have to do is trust that you are enough, trust that you are worth it.

This truth carries over into every other part of our lives. If you don’t believe that you can do a handstand, build a loving partnership, create a career that feeds your soul or take that “huge” risk to move a bit closer towards your dreams, you won’t!

It has to start with you. You must believe that you are worth it. 

And you can’t let your past stand in your way. We are all good people with complicated pasts. We have all made mistakes, big mistakes. We have dark histories and parts of ourselves that we would rather keep hidden – but those things are what make our lighter parts brighter. They make all of those good decisions, generous moments and overcome challenges even more amazing.

We are, each and every one of us, already worthy, already good enough to deserve even the wildest things we can imagine. Forgive yourself for your past, let it go and turn around to face the new you, unstoppable and radiant in her own self-love.

Trust that everything you’ve experienced (and I mean everything!) has prepared you. Listen. Open. Soften. Talk sweetly to yourself, even more sweetly than you would to your lover. Forgive. Speak to others with love and let the rest unfold. Move into that space between fear and doing. Believe that you are worthy, that it can happen, and it will. All of those dreams and desires that before seemed so huge will suddenly and ever so easily drop into your lap. Tap into your self-love and you’ll have no other choice.


This piece originally appeared in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine Issue 13. To pick up your copy or subscribe, click here 

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