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Guest Post - "Mother India" by Oni Facey

Posted on 05 June 2015

In a place of frustrated chaos, lost communication, animal cruelty, desperate poverty and sometimes hopeless activity; it is clear to see how and why this holy land, mother India, is covered with strong religion, saints, pilgrims and mystics. In a place where plans do not work out a majority of the time, our ability to return to the inner, higher self is essential. In a place where death and pollution is right in front of our faces, it's so deeply inspiring to be involved with darshan, holy presences. There are simply obvious reasons as to why India is filled with so many on the spiritual path.

Having nearly blind faith is necessary. One must trust their intuition to guide them. One must be spontaneous and live on a whim. Especially traveling, similar to the spiritual path, there are many obstacles to overcome. I often hear the phrase, "no mud, no lotus;" by surrendering to our challenges, we find our bliss, gratitude and happiness all in simplicity. By surrendering to the cold, we find peace and warmth. By skillfully trusting others to guide us, we arrive to our planned destinations, and if we fail to reach them, we realize that we are still exactly where we are supposed to be, always.

In the face of danger, scarcity and sometimes horrific and challenging points of view, it's essential to be able to return to our own inner refuge, and have faith in divine will.

How one may remain in an enjoyment bhav (mood):

"Everything you think you know, forget it." Aruna, my beloved teacher and friend.

Remember that judgement increases feelings of separateness and loneliness, and makes things harder to adjust to. Acceptance is essential.

Seva, serve. Feeding animals was one of my favorite pastimes <3

Chant & pray.

Experience the sunrise and mangal aarti. Start the day renewed & refreshed. There is much peace in the quiet of the early morning.

Practice asana.

Bring grapefruit seed extract to aid with the digestive battles.

Make new friends! Get to know locals and their culture. New perspectives and viewpoints can be enlightening.

Laughing makes everything better.

Simple things are where true happiness and satisfaction lies.


Oni Facey is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher in Santa Cruz, California.



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