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With Love, From Nepal, For Nepal

Posted on 05 May 2015

Safe & Sound... THANK YOU UNIVERSE! + 10% for Clean Water


It seems impossible not to be touched by the devastation that hit Nepal a little over one week ago. This was especially hard news for me to receive - that small Himalayan country has been a second home to me since I was only 19 years old.

At Soulié we work closely with many women in Nepal to produce our handwoven products, and I personally have many friends still there in the valley. So you can imagine my elation as the Facebook posts and emails began fluttering in last week, most especially the note stating that all of the women with whom we work are safe and sound. I was sitting on the NYC subway at the time, and without thinking I let my eyes fill and sang out a "THANK YOU UNIVERSE!". The man across from me simply smiled a soft, knowing New York smile.

With the first week of the tragedy behind us, it is time to take stock, to expand relief efforts and to let the building begin. There is planting to be done and houses and temples to be rebuilt. There are children that still need to be schooled and families that will need to be fed. There is water that needs to be cleaned and accessed to ensure that disease doesn't take hold of the country.

As the disaster begins to slip out of the news, the work will remain ever so important and complicated. That's why we've decided to donate 10% of all May sales of our Handwoven Nepali products to Waves for Water, a U.S. based non-profit changing the world by creating access to clean water through small, easily transportable filters. Learn more about their work and efforts in Nepal at their site

If you've been hesitating on buying a new yoga strap or market/beach bag, now is the time to take the leap! Find all of our Nepali made products here.

We've all seen that one small act, one person can make a huge difference. Let's join together and start making waves for Nepal right now.

Thanks, as always, for taking this wonderful journey with us.
With love and gratitude.

- Down the road we'll also be starting an initiative to fund the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust, an organization that has been fundamental to the preservation of culturally important buildings and spaces in the Kathmandu valley. More details on that to follow.
To hear a little bit more about what the KVPT is doing for the rebuilding efforts now, check out this podcast from NPR.

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