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Gifting Love + Intention

Posted on 15 December 2016

Gift Love + Intention with Soulie

Here it is: holiday shopping crunch time! If you're like me, these last few weeks of the year, that should be full of joy and peace, somehow always end up including a last minute jaunt to the mall or anxiously waiting to see if that express delivery really will arrive on time. 

So, in honor of simplifying gift giving, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ways to gift love and intention that don't require a run to the mall: 

Gift an Experience
Our most precious resource these days is time, making it a gift that can be priceless. Freeing up time for someone or spending time with someone is a simple gift that requires no budget, no closet space and can show your person just how much you appreciate them. What experience does your person want most? Figure that out and then create the time for them to do it. 

Give Something Handmade
Nothing is sweeter than a gift that has been touched by real human hands. If you're really stumped for a gift, think about what you can make with items already in your house: essential oil bath salts? An ornament for your sister with that photo you snuck of your nephew last week? The perfect gift might be sitting right in front of you. 

For more ideas, click on over to to read my article about 5 Ways to Give Gifts with Intention

And if you're still in shopping mode, look below to see my favorite Soulié gifts full of love and intention.

Orders placed by December 16th will be there in time for Christmas, but due to our holiday schedule (yes, we're taking the week off!), orders placed between Dec 17-25th will ship on Dec 27th. If you're purchasing a gift during this week, leave me a note and I'll be happy to send a printable gift card so there can be something under the tree. All orders placed before Dec 31st receive Free Holiday Shipping


Each of our Hand Appliquéd Ribbon yoga bags has a story, a significance. Think about what your loved one might want to manifest in her/his life and then find the color that speaks to that. It's makes it about so much more than just receiving more than just a pretty bag.
These fetishes are sculpted by hand by Native American artisan Wilson Romero. Each stone and shape has a specific significance, a story which Wilson carves out of the rock allowing the energy of the stone and animal to come forward and work its magic.
 Energy workers, shaman and medicine men have long used feathers for healing because of their strength. Each feather has an energy and power associated with it and dependent on the bird from which it comes. These orbs carry a naturally molted feather within a handblown glass orb and are perfect as an ornament for your tree or your home. Created for us by American artisan Kevin Smolark.

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