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Handmade Heroes: Abury Meets Soulié Designer Renée Lamb

Posted on 01 February 2017

We were honored to have Soulié founder, Renée Lamb interviewed for the Abury blog: An excerpt is below, but to read the full piece and check out this amazing blog full of color and inspiration, CLICK HERE



ABURY is all about handicrafts. We believe that “hands tell stories“. What do your hands tell about you?

The one thing that I love about my hands is that they have always fit into my great grandmother’s gloves when no one else’s would. Every time I pull those gloves out, it is such a sweet reminder that we are all compilations of our past, our ancestors and our shared history. 

What is the last thing you created with your hands?

A long white linen dress. 9 months pregnant in the middle of the summer and all I wanted, but couldn’t find, was a white linen dress. After a weekend of fabric shopping in NY, out came the dress form and scissors. It took me days to design and complete and would probably not be the ideal maternity dress for most women (it was a long tent dress and the last thing most pregnant women want is a stiff linen tent over their belly!), but I loved it. Every time I wore it I felt close to my son because I knew I had made it in honour of him and how his presence would change my life. 

Looking back on everything you’ve done in your life – What is the one thing you are proudest of?

Having the courage to: travel to India by myself at the age of 24, go to a graduate school that was way out of my league, start my own company. Any moment where I was completely terrified and I still jumped. That is one that I am proud of.

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