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Stone Spirit Animal Sculpture - Buffalo

$ 48.00



Our hand carved stone fetishes are created for us by Native American artisan Wilson Romero.
Each piece is hand made in New Mexico and one-of-a-kind.

Unique Features:
Hand selected stones
Hand Carved
Believed to carry the spirit and unique properties of the animal

Buffalo (Bison) Significance: Abundance | Easy and Straight Paths | Manifestation
Basalt Significance: The Fire Within | Courage | Strength in Times of Change

Approx Dimensions: 
Large: 6in Width x 3.5in Hight x 1in Depth
Medium: 3.5in Width x 2.5in Hight x 1.5in Depth
Small: 2in Width x 1.5in Hight x 1in Depth

 Native American fetishes have a distinct energy that draws people towards them. This perhaps comes from the unwavering belief of the people that make them, that each rock or shell that is carved already carries the spirit of a particular animal. 

Traditionally fetishes are carved by the Zuni tribe, but when you touch these pieces made by Cochiti carver Wilson Romero, you will know that you hold something exceptional in your hands. Wilson spends hours in the New Mexico desert looking for the perfect stones, stones he believes already hold the animal's spirit. He then brings these home and hand carves each statue at his grinding wheel under the cedar tree in his front yard. It is a craft that he has been perfecting for decades, and that he has now taught his son and son-in-law to carry on.

Each piece comes gift ready - wrapped in a cotton sachet with a card outlining the animal and stone's significance.

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